Project Management

We provide Scope of Work and Project Management services to ensure installation and construction goes smoothly.


Scope of Work

Scope of Work Services

We propose the Scope of Work for all of our clients building and installation needs. Regardless of the project, and whether or not a client may have it's own contractor, it's important to have an independent 3rd party provide the Scope of Work. This helps protect the clients best interest, rather than the contractor. This is where First Building Solutions steps in. At First Building Solutions, our clients come first and we ensure proper installation, through our Scope of Work from start to finish.


Project Management

Project Management Services

We offer services to manage each building, construction, or energy project from start to finish. We have a full staff of trained, Project Management professionals that ensure each project not only is completed smoothly, but that it meets its deadlines. In the construction and building industries, one of the most difficult challenges companies can face is to hit is a hard deadline, and at First Building Solutions, deadlines are our #1 responsibility. We are systematic in our approach and will guarantee any, and every deadline, for each project that we are responsible for. There are no exceptions.


Project Consultation

Consulting Services

Please refer to our Consulting Services page for a service overview.

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Your Benefits

Benefits are as follows:

  • Building & Site Survey
  • Procurement
  • Continuous Reporting
  • On-Site Management
  • Turn Key Installation
  • Logistics & Shipping Management
  • ROI Calculator
  • Equipment Performance Reporting

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